Agility is definitely a team sport and both you and your dog will learn to play agility games in addition to  a set of skills — whether competing or just having fun. Safety is foremost!! Dogs are taught what they need to do when they approach an agility obstacle, while their handler must learn how to communicate with their companion during their fun run. Agility is a lot of fun and games.  It’s also contagious to the point that you may want to enter into competition.

In preparing for an agility class, we must remember that some dogs are motivated by food, some can’t get enough of tennis balls and for others a tug toy is the divine ground of existence!  Discover the motivator that will encourage your dog through your journey into the World of Agility!

Purebred and mixed breeds welcome!
Dogs must know and respond to the basic obedience commands of sit, stay, down and come. Agility is a physically active sport, and the handler and dog must be in good physical health.The Classes meet one hour each week. Class sizes are limited to 10 teams, pre-registration is required.

Northwest Obedience Club honors
dogs that have received special achievements and awards by displaying their pictures on the
Agility Wall of Fame.

To receive this honor a dog/handler team must be a member in good standing and have received an: AKC Agility – MX and MXJ titles; or AKC MXP and MJP titles or have received a UKC Agility ACH title.

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For information about any of our Agility Classes contact the Director of Agility.