Intermediate Agility

The intermediate class is for dogs that have learned to complete all obstacles with confidence and are performing the A-frame, dog walk and teeter at full height. The team will be increasing their speed and reducing their level of faults on the courses that are run.

Poles are open in this class and the teeter is lowered as the dog needs it. We do mat work and obstacle sequencing in this class. This class also requires a clicker and a big enough mat that your dog can lay on. A mat can be a pillow case, ambulance a blanket, a towel, whatever completely fits your dog

Obstacle performance will be proofed using handler motion and distance. Additional distractions will be added to increase the dog’s focus. Emphasis will be on obstacle discrimination, closing the channel weave poles, increasing the amount of distance the dog works ahead of the handler and increasing the length and difficulty of sequences.

The class also discusses entering an Agility trial, rules to observe, hints for walking through a course and how to pre-plan alternative actions prior to running it. The handler and dog will acquire the skills necessary to run a course at an Agility Trial.

Prerequisites:  Foundation Agility Class or instructor’s approval. Dogs must know and respond to the basic obedience commands (sit, stay, down and come). They should be well-socialized and well-behaved around other dogs. The handler and dog must be in good physical health since agility is a physically active sport.


For information about any of our Agility Classes contact the For information about any of our Agility Classes contact the Director of Agility.