2019 Rally and Obedience Trial Raffle

Our 2019 NOCI AKC Rally Obedience Trial and AKC Obedience Trial is right around the corner on 12/13 and 12/14. Northwest Obedience us known for having one of the best trial raffles in the area.

For the raffle baskets we are kindly asking for your donations. There will be a box set up in the kitchen for donations, but if the box is not there yet, or you can’t find it, you can also store your donations in the office under the table (please attach a sticky note with either ‘Ashley’ or ‘Britta’ on it).

New, like new, slightly/gently used items are all welcomed! We just want to avoid receiving items that have been played with or used extensively.

Crafters Take Notice!
Here’s a special shout out to all the crafty people in our midst: We would be more than happy to wrap up some of your self-made items and make someone’s day with them (scarf, tug toys, wooden signs, snuffle mats, leashes, pot holders, oven mittens, or maybe a gift certificate for something you make that you are willing to customized).

If you really, really, really want to donate something, but have no clue what? This year we also set up an Amazon Wish List where you can just browse and donate through buying whatever you think you would like to give and it will get directly delivered to us to be included in the baskets. Here is a link to our Amazon smile account: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/291VXPI8ODI0K?pldnSite=1 to get to the wish list! (This link directs you to Amazon smile were you can set up a charity and for all your eligible Amazon purchases, Amazon donates a percentage of the purchase price to your charity, A & S Rescue Inc for example, but you can of course chose whichever charity you wish.

Donations can be dog related or not dog related.
Please be sure to only include new or self-crafted items!
Thank you so much in advance for making the raffle a success,
Ashley and Britta Schoenborn