FAQ Title Award Plaques

I hear people talking about their “plaques”- what are they?
Each plaque is a wooden board, about 12 inches wide and 17 inches tall. On top is a large plate with the dog’s name and breed. Below are 18 brass plates, each listing a title or award earned by you and your dog. Each year, the plaque gets updated with new titles. A smaller plaque, about half the size, with only six plates is also available.

What do I have to do to get one?
NOCI utilizes several types of awards to recognize its Members and their dogs for titles achieved in competition.  The purpose is to publicly acknowledge and promote NOCI’s strong foundation training classes as well as the dedication of its Members and their dogs in training for performance events.

TO BE ELIGIBLE for awards, you must meet these requirements as a Member in good standing:

  1. Current year dues paid.
  2. One (1) general membership meeting attended in the last twelve (12) months.
  3. Two (2) SERVICES to the Club in the last twelve (12) months (e.g. instructing classes, stewarding fun matches or trials, participating in committees, performing maintenance, etc.)
  4. Actively but not exclusively trained at NOCI with a particular dog in order for that dog to be eligible.
  5. Score reports for each title earned must be submitted to the Awards Chairperson by December 28 of the same calendar year.
  6. Dogs must be handled by the Member or his/her immediate family (household).  Immediate family includes:  mother, father, sister, brother, husband, wife, son and/or daughter, including step family and guardianship relationships, and persons sharing living quarters.  Immediate family living in a separate household are not eligible.

If you are eligible, you receive a letter in January listing the titles and awards for the plaque. Check it for accuracy and return it so that the plaque can be made or updated. You will receive the plaque in March at the awards banquet. Detailed instructions come with the award letter.

How do I submit a Title Report?
Go to tinyurl.com/NOCItitleform and enter the information about your title. Don’t forget to hit “submit.” Or download the form from the club website, fill it in, and place it in the “WOOF Box” in the club office, or mail to the awards chairperson (Debbie Butt).

Do I have to wait for my official title certificate before submitting a Title Report?
No. You may submit a title as soon as you earn it. Waiting for the official certificate may cause you to miss the deadline. You may wait until December to submit title reports for the entire year, but it is recommended that you submit titles as they are earned.

I got a qualifying leg, but not a title. Do I need to submit this?
You may, but it is not required. Members who submitted Q’s but did not earn titles are listed in each issue of the Fireplug.

I received a national ranking for 2018, but it wasn’t announced until 2019. Have I missed the deadline for reporting this award?
No. Since these rankings are not issued until the following year, the deadlines for these are the following December. For example, 2018 rankings have a deadline of December 31, 2019.

I made a mistake entering my information online. What do I do?
Email the awards chairperson (Debbie Butt – labsrbestx2@gmail.com) and explain the error. She will get it corrected in the club’s record.

I forgot whether I submitted a particular title. What should I do?
The entire spreadsheet is available at tinyurl.com/NOCItitleawards. You can search within the spreadsheet, but you will not be able to edit it. Or you could just enter the title again.

I missed the year-end deadline. Now what?
If you submit a title late, the club does not pay for the engraving. If you have a plaque on which the title will fit, you will have to reimburse the club for the engraving. However, if you do not already have a plaque, or your plaque is full, you would have to pay for a new plaque as well.