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August 31st, 2014

NOCI Members that competed at a recent Barn Hunt event, last Sunday.
Joan Nebesky, Bonnie Gutzwiler, Carol Block, Yvonne Smith, Patti Burgess are shown (left to right). Dogs shown: Leola, Fiona, Phoenix, Squeaks, P , Riley, Phil, & Furbie (left to right). Barn Hunts are a sanctioned sport honoring the traditional role of dogs in ridding barns, homes, and properties of vermin. In Barn Hunt, you can earn titles and placements at levels from Instinct through Master, and even Championships and beyond. For more information on what Barn Hunts are all about go to: or their Facebook page

August 25th, 2014

Jim Doescher recently reported that this past weekend, many of NOCI’s nose work teams fared well in Somers, Wisconsin. Sandy Fuller and Misty earned a Nose Work 2 title. Pat Behles and Britta, Lisa McNerney and Quinn, Dianna Dietrich and Rambo and Suzanne Kushner and Max all earned Nose Work 1 titles. Lisa and Quinn placed second in containers and Suzanne and Max placed second in exteriors. Of very special note is that Suzanne and Max were awarded the Harry Award. The Harry Award is given to the most outstanding rescue dog that demonstrates extraordinary ability and spirit in nose work at the NW1 level. A very big congratulations to Suzanne and Max!

On February 1st and 2nd 2014, for all of the K9 Nose Work enthusiasts we had a Nosework event, with indoor searches including Container, Interior, “Exterior,” and “Vehicle.”
The event was run as a “Sniff ‘n Go,” following the guidelines of K-9 Nose Work. Teams ran the four elements consecutively. It was quite a successful event for the club. Below are images from the event showing the creativity of the NOCI Nose Work Team. Special thanks to Cathi Overend, Jim Doescher, Cheryle Homuth, Jean Bauman and all those that put on the GREAT Fun Find.


Ski Hills


Ice Fishing


Fire Pit