The board is very carefully considering reopening our training hall on a limited schedule once we move to phase 3. When a plan has been developed and we know when we will move to phase 3, we will be updating the membership.

All activities and classes at NOCI are suspended. The board will continue to monitor the situation and will make the decision when to resume classes and activities.

Ken and Yvonne Smith proudly announce their most recent accomplishment!


December 2019. Tess got the dog of the year from the ARF (ARound the Farm) ASC in Campton Hills. She got the wonderful embroidered chair, two ribbons (one larger then little Tess) and a bag full of treats. We are so proud of our Tess.

Ken & Yvonne Smith





Brags-August 2019

We have been featured in the Northwest Herald on August 29th 2019:
Read the featured article here


Spiritt earned her BCAT title

Spiritt and Shari Hoffman earned their NW3, L3C, SENE,

Spiritt, owned by Shari Hoffman is receiving the Saint Bernard Club of America Achievement in Agility Award 2019

Spiritt is the first Saint Bernard to earn a BCAT




Finney, owned by Shari Hoffman, earned the NV NC Novice Vehicle Title

Baby, owned by Shari Hoffman, earned her BCAT, DN titles.

Ashley and Laurel Graham earned their AKC-advanced
interior title and CPE level 1 title

Johnny and Laurel Graham earned their NACSW-Level 1 Interior element title, NW3 exterior, vehicle and container element titles UKC-Master Exterior title and total master title



Luna and Sandy Fuller earned their UKC Novice Nosework Title

Lily and Sandy Fuller earned their UKC Novice Nosework Title

Dianna Dietrich– Sedona earned her first leg in Barn Hunt Masters with a first place and a HIC!


Murray, owned by Karen Habercorn, earned his NAP title