Novice Obedience

Prerequisite: Beginners class skills or with approval of an NOCI instructor or the NOCI Director of Training (DOT). Classes meet 50 minutes each week. Class sizes are limited. Preregistration is recommended.

In this class you will help your dog gain additional attention skills, and work farther from your dog, who is now learning to respond with minimal corrections. Although Beginner class gives you sound basics, this class is recommended to further enhance those skills. The technical aspects of the handlers footwork, hand positions and verbal signals are practiced. Handling skills are enhanced. The long distance recall, finish, figure 8, heeling, stand for exam, 1-minute sit and 3-minute down are all practiced in this class. (The American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen test is available to those dogs completing this class.) This class prepares you for showing your dog to achieve the Novice title (CD).

For information about any of our Obedience classes contact the Training Hall Secretary.