Nose Work

Nose Work was developed to provide all dogs an outlet to use their natural hunting and scenting abilities and is modeled after working detection dogs. All dogs can take part in a nose work class, young, healthy, old, timid or reactive. The purpose of nose work is to engage the dog in the game, teach the handler how to read their dog and build a team relationship all while having fun. The sport and instructors of K9 Nose Work® are overseen by the National Association of Canine Scent Work.

Nose Work Classes

Please go to our Classes and Fees Schedule Page for the most updated information.

For information about any of our Nose Work classes contact the Director of Nose Work.

Before you say yes or no to taking a Nose Work class, there is one hard and fast rule that we must insist on — all dogs must be crated or in your car when it is not searching. There are 2 reasons for this. One, nose work is instinctual for dogs. Any dog near by (the dogs) search area could be competition and can change a dog’s behavior. Safety first! Another important reason is that you learn so much by observing other dogs work and you really can’t do that if you dealing with your own dog.

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