Ring Rental

Members Only

$15 per hour for 1 person
$20 per hour for 2 people
$25 per hour for 3 people

Instructors/Assistants: No charge
All instructors and assistants will have the opportunity to reserve a ring at no charge.

Instructor with a member: Member pays for the ring.
If an instructor rents the ring and a member joins them, the member is responsible for payment of the ring rental.

  • Ring rentals are available providing there are no conflicts with other events
  • Ring rentals must be approved through the ring rental supervisor at least 48 hours in advance
  • Any person who rents a ring (instructors included), are to sign the drop in training book located in the office
  • Money is to be placed in the safe in an envelope marked Ring Rental and your last name
  • No more than 6 dogs total are allowed during the one-hour ring rental.
  • There is a limit of 2 one-hour ring rentals allowed on the same day.

For more information contact Cheryl Kistner.